X-Pulse- Bench top NMR Spectrometer

X-Pulse is a revolution in the flexibility of bench top NMR.

X-Pulse is a revolutionary bench top NMR. (nuclear magnetic resonance) It enables the user to perform a wide range of experiments on a lab bench.  Combining true broadband X-nuclei capability, alongside flow chemistry, reaction monitoring and variable temperature,  X-Pulse offers superior spectral resolution.  

CWD were pleased to work with Oxford Instruments to create X-Pulse's new look.  CWD utilised the DNA we had created for another division of Oxford Instruments and implemented the visuals onto the new project architecture.

The project was a great example of the journey from sketch book to production data engineering, with CWD suppling physical prototype parts for testing.

Oxford Instruments

  • Concept Generation

    Detail Design

    3D CAD

    Design Engineering

    Mechanical Design

    Design for Manufacturing


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We asked CWD to provide a new look for our next generation of bench top NMR spectrometers and we were very pleased with the solution they proposed, which was simple, stylish and functional. They went the extra mile to help us with the detail design reducing the time to bring the product to market..