industrial design studio

We're an award winning agency based in London with awards which say as much about our clients as they do for ourselves

CWD is a stripped back business with a simple goal to deliver beautiful functional design

We’re a highly trained design unit, adapting to challenges quickly with the experience to know what will work instinctively, leaving more time to focus on the detail and deliver your product to market quicker.

You’ll be working directly with the team making the design decisions so the relationship always feels more like a partnership and we’re all pulling together to achieve the same goal.

Employing our team makes the best commercial sense when you need world class design & consideration at a cost you can afford without any compromises.

Great design delivers the difference between the mediocre and the ‘want it now’.

We love that moment when a product feels just right, from the click of a button to the way a small detail can make an interaction rewarding. It’s the desire to make the experience better which keeps us working late into the night, sweating the details to make sure it’s as good as it can be.

Great Industrial Design injects character into a product, making what could have been mediocre into a product which consumers make space for in their lives and one which connects them to the brand.

At CWD we design the small and perfectly formed through to the rugged and functional, we don’t specialise in a specific product area. We believe that every product we design will be a delight to use, so your customer will connect with your product and brand like never before.

CWD Industrial Design Studio
21 Bonny Street
Camden, London