Professional intelligence wind transducer.

Extensively tested, tuned and balanced in the wind tunnel - the Raymarine Smart Wind redefines the meaning of sailing intelligence.

The newly designed RSW wind sensor is a self-calibrating sensor that delivers ultra-precise wind speed and direction measurements. Sailors can take advantage of high accuracy, true wind, speed, and polar calculations to make more intelligent race and performance sailing decisions when it matters most.

Throughout the entire project, the CWD project team and the Raymarine R&D team coordinated intensively on every detail of the design, from the main head unit to the base and connection unit.

This consistent communication between the two groups throughout the project's duration, enabled the design to be honed and evolved accurately and efficiently, while also staying within budget.


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CWD where and integrated with Raymarine R&D team in creating the new look and feel for the SmartWind product. With all the challenges and constraints the CWD team always created a range of solutions or designs. Its always exciting to see what new ideas they will bring to the table.