Ventana DP 600 slide scanner

Lean workflow through automatic start and continuous loading of up to 40 trays to keep up with slide volume without interrupting scanning

FFEI is a leading integrator and manufacturer of digital life science technology. They are known for highly innovative and advanced product solutions, which have consequently attracted joint ventures with some of the world’s leading organisations in this sector. One of these joint ventures was the design of a multi tray slide scanner for world leading healthcare company, Roche.

CWD’s involvement in this exciting challenge was the industrial design creation of a range of visual concepts based of the Roche brand guidelines.  As guardians of the brand guidelines our role was to ensure the retention of the Roche DNA whilst moving the concept forward. The work embodied a series of creative design phases with 3D CAD work, design intent data and artwork, whilst working as an extension of the FFEI R&D team.

The introduction of the rear printed front acrylic panel gave a stronger presence to the DP600. The acrylic panel also reduced assembly time and part count.  


  • Concept directions

    Detail design

    Design guardian



    3D CAD

    Design intent data


    Prototype parts
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CWD presentations and designs always exciting our client Roche, it was great to see where they could take the design. The team kept too tight brand guidelines but also pushed us forward .