RNS network switches are the new generation of below deck products

The RNS range represents the maiden products birthed from the 'BELOW DECK' Physical Design Language initiative.

The first iteration of this new design DNA, the RNS-5 & 8, smoothly intertwine form and functionality, but also showcase visual fortitude, particularly around fixing points.

Utilizing our established guidelines as a foundation, we conceived a unique 3D CAD model, coming to life as the vision of our Below Deck product line for Raymarine.

Our intention was to conceive a visually compelling aesthetic that could be adaptable across various shapes and sizes,while still fulfilling the demands of both product maintenance and onsite requirements.

The DNA project witnessed the birth of an array of themes, which were expertly imposed on a selective assortment of key Below Deck products. This process offered a sneak peak into how these stylistic elements could be incorporated. This selection was whittled down through the project as more feedback poured in from the business and top-tier OEM clientele.


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    Theme creation

    Concept design

    Detail design

    3D CAD


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    Design guardian

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CWD were a fundamental partner throughout the evolution of these new network switch products and they certainly delivered in taking what could have been a very plain and uninteresting black box product into a complete new sustainable DNA.