Raymarine VHF is a full featured VHF radio designed to withstand a lifetime of use in any weather

A tough and robust construction with understated details which focused on function not fuss

The VHF market was saturated with aggressive, multiple button units which were aesthetically intimidating and confusing to use. We were asked to redesign the Raymarine range of VHF systems and make them stand out in the right way. Inheriting the Design DNA we'd helped to champion.

The range was made of three different units, each with an increasing level of functionality and quality in material and finish. Ray50 is a compact introduction to the range with a robust aesthetic and off tool finishes to save cost. The fully featured premium Ray70 was delivered with higher spec material finish, but used a number of shared components and manufacturing techniques to help save manufacturing cost across the range.

Working closely with the internal team we built a consistent ecosystem for all the range accessories. A fist mic and handset gave the product range a fresh look with simple lozenge profiles, soft form and exposed rubber seals to accentuate the waterproof aesthetic.

Raymarine VHF

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The CWD team always bring refreshing ideas into the design of Raymarine's marine products, through their use of focused research they ensure a practical but attractive solution to boating electronics.