Raymarine were looking for innovative ways to combine intelligent functionality with premium styled products

The I-range combines intelligent functionality with a premium styled aesthetic

An open brief from Raymarine gave us the freedom to explore and challenge current design thinking in the market. Drawing on our experience in the consumer, home and electronics markets we brought new materials, manufacturing and approaches to the problem.

The project began with an intensive period of user research, running workshops with the team to understand use case scenarios to build a complete understanding of how and when a product is used. This helped to inform the decisions we made in the prototyping stage as we explored several different directions for the aesthetic of the product.

Working closely with the internal engineering team at Raymarine we ensured that what we envisioned could be built on budget and using current technology. Leaving nothing to chance we rigorously tested the product at all stages of development, making sure it would perform impeccably in even the worst conditions.

The I-series of products built upon the design language we'd helped to implement across all of Raymarines' product range. A premium look and feel was paired with a strong emphasis on functional simplicity.


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The CWD team always bring refreshing ideas into the design of Raymarine's marine products, through their use of focused research they ensure a practical but attractive solution to boating electronics.