Raymarine ES is a full featured premium multi function display

The eS series multi functional display, combines multi touch technology with premium materials and an on trend aesthetic

As one of Raymarine’s flagship products the eS Series had to set the standard for others to follow. Combining the latest tech with a range of flexible mountings, the product had to offer great performance and a visual aesthetic fitting current design trends.

Time was spent considering the shape and form of the keypad so it offered perfect functionality in all weather conditions. Rubber edges and outer detail on the rotary uni-controller offer strength and durability while providing tactile feedback to the user. We undertook an in-depth research phase to support the concept direction process and worked in partnership with Raymarine’s mechanical team to understand components and assembly break down. Once the visual direction had been decided we built the concepts in 3D CAD where all exterior details were modeled for all 3 variants.

All touch points were 3D printed and testing was undertaken to check size and proportion. Final 3D data was created and sent to the mechanical team for internal detailing. Due to the close collaboration between Raymarine engineers and CWD we were able to reduce the time frame to build and retain the design principles of the original concepts and vision.

Raymarine eS

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    Detail Design

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The CWD team always bring refreshing ideas into the design of Raymarine's marine products, through their use of focused research they ensure a practical but attractive solution to boating electronics.