Raymarine's e7, e9 and e12 sleek and simple to use multifunctional marine display

Raymarine's e7, e9 and e12 products are all symbolized by their simple, sleek and premium design look and feel

Building upon the design direction we introduced in other products, we turned our focus to one of Raymarines' biggest platforms and an entry point to the brand.

The simplicity of the E range belies the complexity of the interface below the surface. Our challenge was to improve all aspects of these interactions, updating the look and feel within tight internal configuration guidelines.

To understand what needed to be changed we analyzed users interaction with the product, building detailed use case scenarios and gaining insight. These insights helped to inform our conversations with the internal team and prioritize what was possible within budget and timeframe.

Test rigs enabled us to review key configurations whilst maintaining a position and plastic to screen ratio that would enhance the cosmetic design. Renders, form models and eventually fully detailed appearance models helped to make sure stakeholders and focus groups could input and help steer the process.


  • Research

    Concept Generation

    Detail Design

    3D CAD

    Design Engineering



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The CWD team always bring refreshing ideas into the design of Raymarine's marine products, through their use of focused research they ensure a practical but attractive solution to boating electronics.