The Raymarine RCU is a mobile remote device which can be wheel mounted or clipped onto a lanyard

The Raymarine RCU lets sailors control systems wherever they are on the vessel

A first for the Marine Industry, we helped champion and design the Raymarine RCU. A small mobile product, this device has revolutionized how a sailor interacts with their instruments allowing the user to quickly switch settings without having to take their hands off the wheel.

We've designed and built a number of consumer remotes over the years and we took that knowledge and applied it to the RCU. A remote will succeed or fail in its simplicity, and the Raymarine RCU was designed to be as easy to pick up and use as possible.

We built in flexibility for the product to be wheel mounted or clipped to a lanyard, allowing it be used in a number of different scenarios. This meant we had to design flexibility into the mounting to enable it to fit to a wide range of commercially available wheels and attachments.

RCU-3's form is designed with a slight curve that fits snugly on the wheel, is secure on a lanyard and fits comfortably in the hand, making sure that in every use it feels personal and simple to understand.


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The CWD team always bring refreshing ideas into the design of Raymarine's marine products, through their use of focused research they ensure a practical but attractive solution to boating electronics.