Dermatological inflammation detection device

A collaborative project that demonstrated the mutually beneficial nature of working collectively

CWD collaborated with IotaTechnology to create Psola, a device which uses thermo imaging technology to differentiate between healthy and inflamed skin. The teams at CWD and Iota technology worked seamlessly to develop all aspects of Psola, taking the product to a full working prototype. This project was a prime example of how we worked in parallel with a technology company to design a product and obtain a full understanding of the PCB and electronic components. 

Our design intent was to create a product that was appealing to use and not overtly medical in appearance, in a bid to reduce some of the stigma often attached to medical devices. The product needed to be approachable and aesthetically pleasing to all demographics, with a fun feel. The design comprised a sleek unit with a rubber cap that fits on top of the device, enabling it to be used as a keyring for maximum portability. When the cap is applied to the product it can re-set the infrared lens inside, as well as being the correct distance from the lens to the skin in order to take a reading.


  • Research

    Concept Generation

    Test Models

    Detail Design

    3D CAD

    Design Engineering

    Mechanical Design




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Working with CWD allowed us to develop our prototype medical device. By taking the time to understand the underlying technology they were able to enhance the functionality of the finished product as well as providing the essential look and feel.