Clip on reading lights for the everyday multi-tasker

Playful reading light with its eye-catching design and flawless functionality

Mighty Bright approached CWD with an open brief to develop a new flagship lighting product to help introduce the Mighty Bright brand to a more premium market segment.

CWD had the opportunity to create a range of reading lights with a new colour palette, fresh materials and a more appealing design.  The designs needed to be unassuming yet modern, considered in detail and suitable for the mass market.  The reading lights were required to be eye-catching but not over stated, representing a quality product that would stand out from the competition.

The final design cleverly plays on soft forms with crisp detail.  The base has a continuous flowing line surrounding it, whilst the head is softer in form utilising both matt and gloss surfaces.  The end result is a desirable lifestyle product that offers flawless functionality giving Mightybright the opportunity to invigorate the LED lighting market.

Mighty Bright

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CWD approached the projects with such enthusiasm and speed, and produced such stunning designs, that we collaborated on eight new designs that year.