Nano analysis equipment

Where precision engineering and extreme manufacturing technologies combine

Oxford Instruments approached CWD to design and develop of a visual DNA identity that could be applied across multiple products. Oxford Instruments had noted an increase amongst competitors in products that had been designed with greater cosmetic consideration and that appear to be part of a range or “family”. 

CWD worked with Oxford Instruments to create a new brand DNA for their range of X-ray micro analysis systems. The accessories were exceptionally precise instruments which were low volume and high cost.  The high tech, sophisticated equipment combined precision engineering and extreme manufacturing technologies,therefore, it was imperative that the individual themes communicated the expertise and ability of the product. The chosen theme included aluminium extrusions and high precision badges with anodised finishes, providing a seal of quality and craftsmanship.

Oxford Instruments

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I was really pleased with how CWD worked with the team here to run us through concepts and get a feel for what we felt was important for our brand image. They came up with such eye catching designs that work right across our product family. They worked well with our engineers to get the designs implemented and understood the technical restrictions they needed to work with in their designs.