Creation of a 'Physical Design language'

The task at hand was to design a unique-looking socket that wasn't visually imposing.

Intelligent power plug sockets, driven by machine learning, recognise your appliances and monitor their energy consumption, turning them on and off automatically to avoid wasted energy. They proactively reduce your carbon footprint, supporting you on your journey towards achieving net zero, while saving a minimum of 20% on your electricity bills

We joined forces with early on in their development phase. Their requirement for us was to craft their signature product, a twin socket faceplate. It soon became evident that a broader range of products was part of their future. Keeping this future expansion in mind, we set out to design a product with intrinsic features that we could replicate across a range of products. The task at hand was to design a unique-looking socket that wasn't visually imposing.

Our collaboration with the team has grown from our involvement in numerous projects. Our role has evolved beyond providing design solutions to include aspects of mechanical and production design and sourcing production components. More innovative products are set to be released by in the course of 2024.

  • Brief setting

    Research-users & desk

    Concept design

    Sketch models

    Detail design

    3D CAD

    Mechanical design

    Production design



    Design Guardian

    Production review
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“We’ve worked with CWD since the beginning of our flagship products, as we knew it was critical to get solid design DNA throughout our product line. The team at CWD always deliver excellent work and always on time. They are always open to feedback and communicate and comprehend our more intangible requests brilliantly. They are extremely flexible and always deliver above and beyond!"