Functional LED adaptable task light

Multipurpose LED lighting system for the US hobby craft market

Mighty Bright's Orion series features a range of multipurpose LED lights aimed at the hobby craft market. The lights feature a magnifier, are dimmable and can produce either white or warm light subject to the task at hand. The concept was to create an accessory that could be detached from its base and repositioned by the user to produce light in the desired area.  

The lighting neck has additional length to increase the range of movement and flexibility. The bases are aesthetically pleasing, functional and with a sense of fun and were based on a classic vase shape. The lights include additional handy features such as cork inlays for the storage of accessories. Due to the close proximity of the user to the product, the look had to be both undemanding and sensitive and as a result the end product is clean, modern and design led, rather than just purposeful.  

Mighty Bright

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The CWD team approached the projects with such enthusiasm and speed, and produced such stunning designs, that we collaborated on eight new designs that year.