The LitterPod is a self-cleaning automatic litter tray.

Quiet and easy to use, it looks and feels like a normal litter tray for cats.

Start ups are often regarded as being more progressive and innovative and our experience with clients Kuba & Leia and demonstrated an understanding on the importance of design in creating a desirable product an enhanced user experience and a stand out brand.

Our involvement with Kuba & Leia saw us creating a design for a self-cleaning, self-emptying cat litter tray.  Despite complex mechanical challenges, we were able to successfully design a revolutionary mechanism for eliminating waste from cat litter trays into a separate waste compartment, eradicating odours and mess in a simple one step solution.  This project enabled us to utilise our skills in all aspects of development and production from the initial concept to mechanics, user interface and delivery.  

Kuba & Leia

  • Research

    Concept Generation

    Detail Design

    3D CAD

    3D prints

    Design Engineering

    Mechanical Design


    User menu flow

    Control drawings


    Design Guardian
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“CWD offers ruthless efficiency with natural design talent. We’re a start-up, so needed to move swiftly but spend every penny wisely. Early focus on rigging and prototyping accelerated the process - getting us to a feasible product - in a time I dare so no other outfit could match.”