Sophisticated LED lighting collection

Highline lighting collection has subtle glamour and sophistication with a modern edge

Lux LED lighting designs and manufactures products for the hospitality, workspace, and residential environments.  CWD were tasked with creating the DNA and designing a range of side lights, desk lamps, floor lights and pendant lights for the Highline project range.  When creating the DNA our main focus was subtle glamour and sophistication with a modern edge. 

We explored this principle through a range of textures and materials with the end product featuring anodised matt black finishes with copper details and exposed cables.  The pendant light was specially designed with the ability to be a standalone piece or to make up a series of lights projecting intricate patterns onto walls and ceilings creating scene and atmosphere.  The lights include surface mounted LEDs and some of the designs feature the use of conventional A19 shape or traditional Edison style bulbs. 

This project provided the opportunity to explore elegant and refined design concepts utilising LED technology that would befit a range of environments.

LUX Lighting

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The CWD team approached the projects with such enthusiasm and speed, and produced such stunning designs, that we collaborated on eight new designs that year.