Design focuses on production methods & recycling capabilities

Engineered for ease of disassembly for maintenance/recycling purposes

We aimed to produce a lamp with a simplified manufacturing process so that it could be produced internationally at low cost.  The lamp offers a strong, unique look specifically aimed at the hospitality market with the design focused on standard manufacturing processes. The main legs and shade were laser cut and formed in aluminium with the main mast constructed from aluminium extrusion, with simple one action machining.

All the main components slide together over the mast. The legs slot in and rotate up into place. Attaching the base moulding also holds the rubber foot and the power connector and holds the components together.  Disassembly is simplified with the removal of the base moulding, allowing parts to be replaced or recycled.

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This unique design is visually and physically strong. Flexible for manufacturing in many different regions and will last the test of time.