A series of virtual products helping to promote the use of Eastman plastic

Using smart design to build a virtual prototyping tool

In connection with our friends at Uber we helped Eastman Chemical Company talk about their materials in a relevant way. The design industry steers a lot of influence in the decision process for materials and finish. Eastman wanted a way to speak to designers in their own language and demonstrate the benefits of their material in an engaging way.

We thought the most interesting way to talk to the community was to develop a series of solutions to problems which we ourselves found interesting. We focused on products, which would play to the strengths of the material, injecting playfulness and fun into the concepts.

Although the concepts we're blue-sky they were detailed to a production specification to make sure we were honest about the ability of the material. They've helped Eastman connect with the community and inspired a number of follow up projects all using Eastman material.


  • Concept Generation

    Detail Design

    3D cad


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