Making function fashionable

Functional, fashionable kit for commuters on two wheels

The Velo seat cover was an interesting project to be involved in as we were able to develop a really simple idea, into a product that was portable, comfortable and therefore essential for commuters travelling by bike.

The products primary function as a waterproof seat cover meant that we were able to immerse ourselves in the world of water fastness and research various ‘wet’ settings, looking at water pressure, drying time and the long-term effects on various materials of continued exposure to liquids.

Design constraints included the usual considerations of costs, supply and sizing, in addition to portability, masculinity and durability. The finished product makes use of a multi-layered approach, that includes a chamois leather base layer to act as a surface grip, an inner layer comprised of a thin silicone sheet to prevent water penetration and a top layer made from two-way flexible vinyl for comfort and resilience.

In order to ensure ease of use and that the seat cover becomes an integral piece of cycling equipment, the seat cover is housed in a lightweight, drawstring bag with simplistic carry strap. We particularly enjoyed this project as it allowed us to move away from a technology led product to one driven by application and materials.


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We came to CWD with an idea, some sketches and a rudimentary prototype. What we got back was a detailed proposal, looking at stats, ergonomics and materials, as well as a working prototype we were proud to take to market.