Add in the great flavour of fresh herbs to your food at any time

Cole & Mason Frozen Fresh Herb Mill set is a cartridge based system for chopping a range of different freshly frozen herbs

The journey from page to product was an exciting one for the CWD team,
who were involved in an extensive phase of research in order to
achieve a full understanding of the requirements needed for a product
designed to cut and distribute fresh and frozen herbs.  The project
provided a rare opportunity to develop an idea from the very first
stage and to begin working without an existing frame of reference.

The studio became a play area for the design team, who went back to
basics to understand how herbs behaved in a variety of conditions.
Investigations involved examining rigs, cutting pieces and tubing, as
well as user-testing various blade configurations to achieve optimum
cutting, grinding and slicing performance.

Once the design principal had been established, the next hurdle was creating a
re-loadable cartridge.  Further research and development was carried
out, supported by functional working prototype rigs, to review thread
compression, blade shape and cutting ability.  

Lastly, the objective was to dress the product in a sleek, contemporary shape,
which was ergonomically friendly and unthreatening, whilst looking
and preforming like a Coleman and Mason product.  The project was a
prime example of the journey from post it note to production data
engineering and an experience that we would love to repeat.  


  • Research

    Test Models

    Concept Generation

    Detail Design

    3D CAD

    Design Engineering

    Mechanical Design




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CWD team worked effortlessly with NPD and wider stakeholders. They approached the brief with great understanding and empathy toward the user and ensured the outcome was both innovative and technically feasible.