Luxury Cat food bowl for life - 'kitten to cat'

Dine is handmade in small orders and can be customed for clients needs.

DINE is a hand cast jesmonite food bowl, this beautiful and unique piece is available in a range of colour combinations and finishes and can be customised to match your high-end interior decor.

We asked the question, what would be the ultimate dining experience for cats?  The bowls are shallow and wide, reducing whisker fatigue and the removable arms can be placed at four different heights to ensure they can eat comfortably.  The bowls are also slightly tilted towards the cat to help with comfort and presentation.

The Dine project embodied research of owners and furry users, concept creation, sketch models, 3D prints, production CAD and data for manufacture.  CWD also produced and supplied some of the parts for the production pieces.

Kuba & Leia

  • Brief setting

    Research-users & desk

    Concept design

    Sketch models

    Detail design

    3D CAD

    Production design



    Design Guardian

    Production parts
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"We work with CWD because the team understand the importance of putting design energy into the things that matter - moving from concept to feasibility quickly and cost-effectively. Most impressive is CWD’s creative thinking - especially on material choices. Our business simply wouldn’t exist without their partnership"