Brush pod is a premium soft bristle brush for cats

Cat brush that specifically delves into ideas around ‘play’ and ‘health’

The final product - called the BrushPod® - focuses as much on the cat owner as it does the cat. The circular brush head fits neatly in the palm of your hand. But when held, its physical mass essentially becomes hidden, where the cat only sees the soft bristles, and by association doesn’t distinguish between being stroked and being brushed.

Furthermore, the addition of catnip - dried leaves that give cats a euphoric experience -  is what gives the BrushPod® its uniqueness. By designing a series of micro-meshes into the brush head it allows the catnip to breath and give the cat a ‘high’ when being brushed.

Kuba & Leia

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“CWD offers ruthless efficiency with natural design talent. We’re a start-up, so needed to move swiftly but spend every penny wisely. Early focus on rigging and prototyping accelerated the process - getting us to a feasible product - in a time I dare so no other outfit could match.”