Compact, adaptable powerful little light

This product is a great example of CWD’s strong understanding of their client’s business and market needs.

Mightybright were looking to add another dimension to the usability of their products, to increase appeal to a wider range of consumers and points of sale.  CWD came up with the idea of incorporating a rechargeable battery into the Brightflex light unit, thereby creating a unique product.  

The device has the ability to charge other electronics by removing the light head to access the battery pack. The design proposal was created following market research and the concept was sketched up and proposed to Mightybright as a new product direction.

The unique light features a combined battery bank and is a brand-new music performance accessory. Originally designed for working musicians on the road, the light is also perfect for business travellers, service technicians, handymen and artists, or for anyone who needs a bright clip-on portable light alongside backup power.

Mighty bright

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The CWD team approached this projects with such enthusiasm and knowledge of our market.