Deep, dynamic, articulate, detailed

Machined metal components with first grade soft leather which embodies the brand

Ashdown Engineering are the company behind Meters Music, the renowned makers of bass guitar amplifiers for some of the world’s biggest bands and artists. Their amplifiers are instantly recognisable onstage by the prominent orange glow from the meters that feature on front of the amps. Meters Music have a huge social media following among both live musicians and their fans and it was imperative that we deliver a stylish, well performing product that would not disappoint the high expectations of its customers.

Ashdown approached CWD with the intention of expanding its product range into the headphones market. As a lifestyle brand synonymous with quality, elegance and cool, CWD spent some time understanding Ashdown's branding, creating look and feels based on their reputation and brand beliefs. The team engaged with a range of high end materials giving consideration to machining, the weight of the product and the quality of its engineering.

It was important that the product have a sense of robustness signifying its suitability for heavy duty use and that the product communicated the importance of sound quality, to appeal to both the professional studio and urban home market. CWD proposed a range of ideas and developed two chosen directions into 3D Cad for Ashdown to work their magic.


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